Monday, August 23, 2010

Have Some Personal Thank You Cards Ready

You do not have to to have a major event happen to send someone a thank you note. It is something one should send to those they care about often.

So why not pick a photo you like, or go out and take one, and then have some personal thank you postcards printed with the photo to have ready for your personal thank you notes.

Here is an example:

simple thank you photo postcard front

simple thank you photo postcard back

At they will design your personal thank you photo postcard for free for you, and they accept orders for as little as 25 cards. That is a nice quantity to have in your desk door to send out with just a thought. Use this link to make a submission for your free design.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

We Did It and Thanks

Here is a thank you photo postcard with a photo that says to me:

"We did it, and thanks !"

raised arms, we did it photo front for thank you card

They got married and they chose the photo of the two of them coming out of the ceremony as the right photo for their thank you.

The back of this card was left blank for them to write a personal thank you note...

postcard back side left blank for a personal thank you note

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"The Group" or "The Kiss" - Choosing a Photo

They had a difficult choice on which photo to select for their thank you postcards.

Should they choose "the kiss" or the "the group" photo ?

They decided to print some of each because each photo communicated a different feeling for their cards. Here are the choices:

"the group"
wedding group photo for thank you postcard front

"the kiss"
wedding kiss photo for thank you postcard front

These offer very different feelings, but they are both full of happiness. When you say thank you, don't you want to express happiness. I think so, and I think these did a good job of that.
Also, the back side has a unique design, with good information framing the area where a personal note can be placed.

thank you back side with information framing area for personal note

This is a good one to remember for future designs.

Are you ready to start your Thank You Postcard design ? << Use this link to get started.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wedding Anniversary Celebration Thank You

You might want to send some thank you cards to those that helped make your anniversary celebration so wonderful. But, you just do not have the right photo from your celebration to use on your card.

We'll toasting champagne glasses might just be the answer:

This card is good for any sending thank you's to those that make any celebration special or for thanking those that helped make a goal successful.

The back of the card can be customized to say whatever you desire.

If you like this card, please use this link to learn more.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hold Her in Your Arms and Say Thanks

A good photo shot for a thank you card. Well planned with the nice sign.

hold her up and say thanks postcard front

Simple backside ready for writing a personal thank you note...
hold her up and say thanks postcard back

As part of your event planning make plans to take a special photo for your Thank you card.
Just send your photo to Galleria Ventures and they will design your unique thank you card for you. Use the form on this link to send your photo files.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Photo Collage Thank You postcard

If one photo offers the expression of 1000 words, guess what several photos can offer ?

A photo collage thank you postcard can express many aspects of a wedding or other type of event. This card is an example.

Consider a photo collage for the front of your thank you postcard.
Just send your photos to Galleria Ventures and they will design your photo collage thank you card for you. Use the form on this link to send your photo files.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Birthday Party Photos are Great for Thank you card

Hope you had fun at your birthday party, or your child's birthday party.

Also, I hope you took some photos of the fun you had. Now why not use some of those photos to make a thank you postcard which shares the fun and express your thanks.

Here is an example:

birthday thanks you postcard example front

birthday thanks you postcard example back

At Galleria Ventures they make it easy to have a special custom birthday thank postcard designed for you to send to share the fun and give thanks. All you need to do is send your photos and instructions and you can do it just by sending an email. Check it out with the link in this paragraph.