Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"The Group" or "The Kiss" - Choosing a Photo

They had a difficult choice on which photo to select for their thank you postcards.

Should they choose "the kiss" or the "the group" photo ?

They decided to print some of each because each photo communicated a different feeling for their cards. Here are the choices:

"the group"
wedding group photo for thank you postcard front

"the kiss"
wedding kiss photo for thank you postcard front

These offer very different feelings, but they are both full of happiness. When you say thank you, don't you want to express happiness. I think so, and I think these did a good job of that.
Also, the back side has a unique design, with good information framing the area where a personal note can be placed.

thank you back side with information framing area for personal note

This is a good one to remember for future designs.

Are you ready to start your Thank You Postcard design ? << Use this link to get started.


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