Thursday, April 05, 2007

Why send a Thank You card ?

My children often ask, Why should they send a thank you card?

Let me give you a quick example: My youngest son is a young, quickly rising, corporate banker. He and his wife live 100 miles away and we don't get to see them too often with all of us working our different schedules. About three weeks ago, I hand delivered his birthday gifts and took him out for lunch. He had hopes that he could visit on his birthday weekend and get Mom to make him his favorite chocolate cake. The weekend came and he called, apologizing that he was in bed with a chest cold, unable to visit. (No mention of his presents.) That's OK. One week after his birthday, I still had no idea if he liked his gifts. I wrote him a short eMail to ask and I received a three line reply - yes, he got them and yes he liked them and he would visit soon. Crushed!

It was not the cost of the gift - it was the effort I went into to make sure that (1) he had a gift and (2) he had a card and (3) it was delivered on time (or in this case early). Everyone has a busy schedule. I try to make sure that I am timely with my efforts. I like for my friends, family and co-workers to know that I am thinking of them. Thank you cards or postcards are easy to drop in the mail and they make the gift giver feel like they were appreciated.

Positive examples of Thank you notes:

  • Thank you for the Birthday Gift - you are so thoughtful !
  • Thank you for remembering my Birthday - everyone got a hearty laugh at your card.
  • Thank you for the Interview - in your search for a Director, I would like you to remember me.
  • Thank you for the Baby Shower - little Johnny will look so adorable!
  • Thank you for the Wedding Gift - as we start on our life together, your thoughtfulness will be with us.
  • Thank you for the Christmas Cookies - you are my favorite! Yum
  • Thank you - Its been a pleasure having the opportunity to work with you and your staff.
  • Thank you for your business - you are the kernel of our success.

The person receiving this Thank You feels appreciated. This is the whole reason behind a Thank you card.

I have designed a postcard that I use for a lot of my Thank you notes. It is 4x6 inches so only costs 24 cents to mail. I keep a small quantity in a plastic envelope in my car with a couple of stamps. I write my note while waiting in traffic or picking up someone and then I lay it on the kitchen table for addressing. An important part about a Thank You is that you send it timely and that your Thank You is sincere. You can take time to be thankful. After all, relationships with family, friends and co-workers and clients are the most important support we have in our lives. Be Thank Full.

More information on how to make custom personalized thank you postcards.


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